The Development

Initiated in November 2007, Version 1.0 was lunched and upgraded in 2012 with a complete lead management dashboard. In 2014 Version 2.0 was rolled out specifically for SAMS Global software brand encompassing Lead management, Application management e.t.c

After years of industry experience and R&D, we are very excited to present SAMS Global CRM, an innovative solution that brings together international education agents, universities and students in one place. SAMS Global is an ultimate CRM system for education agents, which helps to streamline their business and opens up access to hundreds of universities across the world regardless of whether our partner agents have access to these universities or not.

Our Global platform

SAMS Global platform encompasses the entire recruitment process from lead management to enrolment to payment & invoicing and helps education agents to manage their own student recruitment business and manage their sub-agents’ activities in one place to achieve greater efficiency and to eliminate manual paper-based processes. From the very moment of subscribing into SAMS Global, education agents will have access to hundreds of highly ranked universities, colleges and institutions in some of the major educational hubs of Europe, North America and Asia, which will expand their choice of education programme offerings and will ultimately help to scale their business up quickly. 

For universities, the platform will help to generate additional number of students through growing network of our education agents, language centres and individual referrals from over 10 countries across the world. Students will benefit from a stress free application process and will have easy access to education agents and counsellors of their choice through SAMS Global online and mobile applications.

About Us

Born into existence in 2007 by Shamim I Sarkar (Founder) with over 15 years as a data analyst (HSBC Bank) and educational provider agent, we at SAMS Global truly believe that this innovative platform with latest cloud and data technology can transform your business into a great success. SAMS Global platform fills the need for simplification of recruitment process and provides a transparent view of an entire journey for education agents, students and universities. The aim is to help small and medium size educational agencies to scale up their business activities through our platform which would allow them access to thousands of global institutes where they can apply for their students regardless of not having collaboration with these institutes.

In June 2013, Mr Hadiur Rahman a 10 year veteran in the educational industry joined Mr Shamim and came in with innovative ideas from his work with International Education Counselling Centre (IECC). Mr Hadiur witnessed a major problem while trying to scale up the business, they struggled to keep employees occupied, productive, and happy. The existing tools were not getting the job done. Imagine, missing out on leads follow up, sending 500-1000 emails daily, chasing supervisors for updates on students applications. An effective, transparent platform for managing everything was desperately needed.

The idea to create a simple and easy to use customer relationship management tool to simplify the workplace processes for agents, for companies of all sizes, across the education recruitment industry. The aim was just not to make something that works but to make a platform that people and companies will love to use. Today, SAMS global CRM is the go-to for education recruitment companies and teams around the world who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before.