Lead Management

Don't be discouraged by the overwhelming number of leads to handle. Using SAMS Agent CRM, your business can automate and manage direct leads, sub-agents leads, converted leads and generate leads reports in seconds; hence managing your business with Speed, Process, Persistence & Relevance. Don’t miss out on converting prospective leads to clients.

  • Create a student profile with the intended course of study.
  • Collect and organise the student’s data from different channels.
  • Data analysis facilitation via advanced filtering system
  • Manage queries for multiple education destinations and from multiple channels all-in-one place
  • Auto-generate emails and templates (follow-up emails, reminders etc.)
  • Cloud-based system allowing access from any device connected to internet
  • API access to receive leads directly from education agent website and social media platforms into SAMS platform
  • Invite students to access their profile through online portal and mobile app to track their study preferences and applications.

Application Management System

Managing a strenuous process of assessing and evaluating can be overwhelming and time consuming, hard to consistently apply the same methodology each time. With SAMS robust application management system, prospective students can be assessed easily and shortlisted.

  • A clear visual representation of converted leads, application status, timeline per intended course and intended study destination(s).
  • Managing information about applications made through different channels (paper, online or through agent portal) with ability to store application access information (i.e. login & password for online applications).
  • Workflow, showing the list of applications in progress, applications ready due for submission and advanced filtering capability to see applications per course type, per supervisor, per country etc.
  • Simple and easy to use functionalities like timesaver chaser functions, showing pending application decisions, weekly notifications of pending applications needed to be chased up, and sending bulk emails customised for each student to universities of their choice.
  • Automated reporting notifications every 30 days to students and agents on the status of the applications.
  • Grading students and universities by agents and colour coded application status (green - smooth, amber - on hold in queue, red - student failed their study and reapplying for the course).

Offer Holders Management

We aim to help your business accomplish each stage of the enrolment funnel and recognise the activities that are moving your prospective leads towards enrolment. We will simplify not only the way you track, organise and maintain relationships with potential leads, but to also foster your leads and grade them based on the criteria that matters most to your organisation. In a nutshell SAMS simplifies and notifies

  • The status with each student application, decision and offers awarded per each university applied to.
  • Track the status of offers whether conditional or unconditional.
  • Generate a checklist of all required documents to turn conditional into unconditional offers.
  • Direct document upload into the system and sending to universities to progress with unconditional offer
  • Automated reminders to universities to chase with unconditional offer decision 
  • Automated notification reporting every 30 days to students and agents on the status of an offer and any pending decisions.

Visa Application Management

With SAMS easy to use, safe and secure visa application management dashboard, we will help your business keep track on clients visa applications to their respective institutions. This function will

  • Have a clear visa requirement checklist per student.
  • Document uploading ability to be checked by supervisor(s).
  • Visa application tracking and reminding system per student.
  • Update the student regularly with the process.

Accounts & Invoicing

Say goodbye to mundane accounts activities and raising manual invoices. SAMS CRM will let you view all your transactions and interactions with an institution, as well as key contact information to give you a complete picture of the businesses that you deal with. With just one click, invoices can either be printed or emailed.

  • There can't be anything simpler than invoicing through automation. Just with a click of button, invoices will be generated.
  • No need to follow up on for each student’s account, as soon as a student visa is approved, accounts department gets the notification, and will generate the invoice.
  • You cannot miss any student for invoicing.
  • SAMS CRM will not let you miss invoicing any student, institute or agent and will give notifications with no extra effort.
  • SAMS CRM will remind you for payment follow up without any extra efforts.
  • Generate a summary of all receivables due from your clients at any given point in time. The report breaks down receivables due from all customers into different aging categories based on the number of days/months since the respective invoices were raised.
  • Estimates a revenue projection of your business quarterly/yearly.

Sub-agent Management

Are you tied to a partner institution or Freelance? We at SAMS don’t leave any man behind.

  • A customised dashboard for sub agents to manage and track applications in a smarter and faster way.
  • It takes 5 minutes to setup with a pre-drafted agreement.
  • Track real time updates on applications.
  • Claim commissions through a portal for enrolled students.
  • Faster means of submitting applications.
  • Real time automated notification if changes occur on a sub-agents account.

Event Management

Want more people to attend your events? Checkout our simplified SAMS event management dashboard. It’s time to take control and grow your event registration and attendance.

  • Create and manage multiple events.
  • Assign supervisors to events and institute wise.
  • Delegate task within supervisors
  • Manage, delegate, inform under one platform.
  • Manage event appointments.
  • Go paperless – grant event enquiry access to delegates via logins for real time notifications.
  • Instant post event reports.
  • Instant thank you notes from agents to delegates after events.
  • Multichannel marketing campaigns across our partner universities, SAMS students mobile App, agents websites and social media.

Analytics & Reporting

“Knowledge is power”. As the famous saying goes, but it is not easy to extract the knowledge or trends from a huge database of the applicants and their activities. SAMS CRM gives your business the option of custom reporting where you can see what you want to see:

  • Quick summary reports to have a snapshot view of applications status reports. 
  • Employee activity reports to show employee level activities and progress. 
  • Task level reports to view the status of ongoing, paused and overdue tasks per office and employee level. 
  • CRM report to provide a view of lead generation and enrolment activities and progress per office and employee level.
  • A track of your sources of inquiry like social media website, phone, chat to name a few and having them in one platform can help manage leads so they don’t fall through the cracks. In other words our analytics and reporting dashboard enhances speed to lead management.

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